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Looking for the fastest way to get fabulous essay done in no time? The answer people usually give is no other than using writing service. The advantages of using these services are fast and easy. As a result, there are quite lots of scam services with fake feedbacks. You need to read reviews from others to distinguish the “real” services.

Is CustomWritings scam?

One of them is CustomWritings, a writing service which can be found online. Is CustomWritings scam? To provide fair answer, I will share a review on CustomWritings that I have used a while ago. My lecturer assigned me to write a 3 page essay about American History with APA style and 2 weeks deadline. has a quite simple template of website. In the website, it is written that they have around 400 writers. Though you cannot choose your own writer, they claim to have experienced writer with master or doctoral degree. However, one thing you should be careful is not all writers hired here are native speakers. If you need a sample of previous writing, you have to pay $5.

The price to employ CustomWritings is not very high. It costs $13 per page for 14 days and the fastest one, 8 hour costs $31 – this does not include tax. If you want to use native writer, you will be charged 30% additional quotes. This service boasts no plagiarism warranty with plagiarism checker on their site. However, they absolutely hold no responsibility against any kind of rephrasing. has 24/7 online support, but most of the time are offline – I don’t know why though. I tried three times to chat them when they are online, but they are not responsive at all. Several CustomWritings reviews can be found on testimonials tab. They claim that the reviews are legit as they encourage you to post one.

Do I think CustomWritings legit? Here are the breakdowns of my review to answer it:


I did thorough check for my essay. The quality is average, with nothing special. If you want any revision, they give 21 days for writers to revise it – a pretty long time.

Speed delivered my essay on time. Though they did a great job in long time deadline, the earliest deadline they can afford is 8 hours; therefore, if you need an essay in less than 8 hours, I suggest you to go to other services. One more warning, just prepare if they take too long to respond to your order.


Communication is average. Sometimes, the custom writer replied quickly, but sometimes they didn’t – they even took 3 days to reply.

Overall, CustomWritings writing service is not very bad to use, but there are some things you should consider, such as no short time urgency, average quality, and long revision time.

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