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I might be the laziest person you've ever met. But, nevertheless, I'm honors pupil and always comes to college with completed homework. Do you want me to share my secret with you? My biggest secret - is the site! I learned about EduBirdie on the second year of college, and since then my grades and social life - is the current rate, which guided many of my friends.

While studying in school, college, university, every student sooner or later faced the need to choose between social life or study. Like many before me, I faced this choice too.

Shortly after the start of the school year, I received from my professors very interesting, but difficult task - to write an essay on the topic "Myths and facts about the Bermuda Triangle". And, at the same time, chic party was planned on campus. For me, a lover of fun and parties, the choice was obvious! But to come to class without my homework, was not in my plans. I knew that many of my friends have long benefited from the services of essay writing companies, so I decided that it was the right decision in the circumstances.

First acquaintance

Of course, when I googled essay writing company reviews search engine gave me a million sites. I started from the beginning and I came across a boring, not interesting, and containing lots unnecessary information sites.

But then I discovered the site with positive customer reviews. It immediately drew me by its striking design and lack of distracting information. Everything is simple and clear: choose the type of paper, write e-mail address and you're done, registration is completed!

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Then I wrote the topic of my essay, choose subject and number of pages and set deadlines.

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Next step was to choose type of service, writer level, number of cited resources and format of citation.

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And the last – instructions for my EduBirdie essay.

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So in few minutes the order placement at was completed and I started the search of authors. I found about 30 authors in just 3 minutes, indicating the written papers, and customer feedbacks (reviews).

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I choose the writer with nickname Academic Giant, who have 1269 completed tasks at and evaluated by customers on five stars out of five. I also read some reviews about author and decided that he is worth my trust.

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Good price of EduBirdie services

Concerning the price, I think it's pretty affordable, considering the quality of services offered by Edu Birdie writer:

  • unique text that will fit my needs;
  • execution of orders just in time;
  • plagiarism free;
  • author - an expert in my issue;
  • willingness to discuss details of the assignment online.

I checked other sites to find out the price of my assignment and discovered that the average price is $ 95. Therefore, $ 82 – is perfect for average student. What I also liked is the fact that I received about 15 messages in live chat from different writers, who were online and offered their services. So I could be sure that my assignment will be written at by an experienced author, not a program.

Then I forgot about the task and just was preparing for the party and relaxing with friends. Two days before the appointed time I received a perfectly written paper from EduBirdie on my mail. I admit that even after reading do many positive reviews I was pleasantly surprised by the content of the paper, its informative, the writer has followed all of my requirements and I received an A for it. Since then I always entrust writing of my essays, courseworks and research papers to

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