Review The best company of the year

EduZaurus wrote me a cool essay in no time. Thanks!

When a couple of days ago I got my essay from Eduzaurus, I was politely asked for a review. Well, why not? I enjoyed using the resource, I liked the writer who did my assignment, I appreciated the user support team.

First, a couple of words about how I found this resource. Nothing special indeed: I simply googled ‘essay writing service’, opened a number of sites and picked - mostly because I loved a funny dino on the homepage. Its face reminds me of my math teacher at high school.

I mean this one:

eduzaurus review

Second, why I had to use writing service. I hate making excuses – and actually don’t have to – but I guess I should mention it for you not to think I’m a blockhead. I am not, really. I could well have written that darned essay myself… But. I. Just. Did. Not. Want to.

I’m a freshman and I love computers. I took computer science course in the college because I want to be a programmer, but writing essays on the stuff I already know or won’t need is a bit too much for me. So, I decided to have my essay written (up to 2,000 words, on any theme of my choice dealing with history of computers).

What I liked best

When I opened, I loved the website from the first sight. I do like simple websites, with the stuff but not the fluff. They are so rare now, when every other site is packed with bells and whistles so tight that you can’t find the button you need. In this sense easy-to-use Eduzaurus is rara avis - maybe that’s why they have a dino on their homepage.

Everything was simple there: ordering the essay, getting in touch with the writer working on it, and paying for it. It did save me time.

As simple as ABC

Registration at was dead simple: I selected type of the paper in one field, typed my email into another, and - bingo! I created an account, confirmed it a minute later, and logged in.

review of

Ordering the paper was a piece of cake as well:

eduzaurus review read

Friendly helpers

By the way, when I came to Eduzaurus to order an essay written, I wasn’t about the theme. I had a general – very general – topic: history of computing. I was to myself pick a subject to write about. After thinking for a while, I decided to ask writers what theme (within the general topic) they would prefer. review

It was a brilliant idea. By asking that question, I found Dina; she recently wrote an essay on similar subject and already had all the info at hand. I got the paper written really quickly but the price was without express charge! That’s what I call win-win.

What I bought from Eduzaurus

  • Up to 10 hours of my time (cost much more than I paid for the essay)
  • Plenty of effort (ditto)
  • Peace of mind (priceless!)
eduzaurus essay writing review

After using in this review I can say for sure they deliver what they promise and even a bit extra. If somebody asks me where to have a paper written, I know what to answer.

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