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The review of essay writing service

As you will guess from long and detailed this review, I really like to write. I’m not kidding – I seriously enjoy diving into the world of letters and making them read well. So what am I doing writing a review on a paid writing service? Well… not every topic inspires me to create something nice. And as with many creative people my brain simply refuses to function if it’s not passionate for the topic. The last time I got such writer’s block was for the “Membrane process during abortion” research paper. And that is when I decided that I will order an essay.

essaybison review

When the Mountain Came to Muhammad

The hardest part for me was choosing the writer. Sometimes I wish they didn’t let the final decision with me – I interviewed around 10 of the ones that applied to write my paper, and they were all good. Some had MA degrees; some were even studying to get their PhD (I guess it’s true what they say about poor financial prospects for scientists). But even this wasn’t enough for me, of course, and I started talking to other Essay Bison writers on the website, trying to see which one of them had an interesting idea or a tangible experience in such sphere.

essaybison review

In general I must say that EssayBison writing has experts in many angles, I met people working in the areas:

  • natural sciences
  • pharmacology
  • history (don’t ask me why THIS writer applied for my order)
  • nursing
  • medical nutrition
  • religion and theology (I can already see his title and conclusion for my paper on abortion)

The next challenge was when we already began working and I was sent parts of my paper for review. They were actually good, but it’s like when two artists are trying to make each other’s works perfect. Despite my twists and turns with the writer, in this review I will not write about scam or EssayBison plagiarism – all is clear there.

How Expensive is Your High Grade?

I want to devote a special part of my review of to their pricing policy. I get so annoyed when people complain that academic writing services are ripping them off. Seriously? Don’t you realize that you aren’t simply paying for pages, you are paying for hours or maybe even days of your time and brain energy. Isn’t that priceless?

My prices for two papers of identical length were very different and it all depended on the price the writers were asking for, not on the EssayBison service deciding how much money they can make on you.

essaybison review

In fact I think their services are way underpriced. Their main expense is human capital. Think about this was – if somebody offered you 30 dollars to write 3.5 pages of research from scratch – would you agree to that? I wouldn’t.

Sink under the Load of Homework, or Swim with

I ordered two papers with this academic service and I don’t feel that I will be looking for a change any time soon. The selection of writers is great, the pricing is more than acceptable for me and I can use the papers send me with no worries. If you still haven’t found your reliable essay writer – check them out!

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