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There are various reasons why people start using writing company – lack of time, hellish and complex topic, tight deadline, non-native writer, etc. While smart people can easily tailor their essay, there are people who cannot do that. It is definitely the opportunity for writing service to shine.

Is EssayChampions legit?

If you go through search engine, you will meet EssayChampions writing service. Don’t just decide to use any service without thinking – you will suffer from the lost of time and money. That’s why I recommend you to keep reading reviews – this time, read EssayChampions reviews. I will share experiences in trying this site when ordering a 1-page tailored essay about ancient art.

You can go to to check out this site. My first impressions of the website are basic, simple, but not very helpful. You can’t find some information directly there, unless you ask the live support.

Is EssayChampions legit? Well, the live support stated that their writers are all native writer with master and doctoral degree. I thought this was great – at least, until I found the writers’ recruitment tab. When I opened it, hoping to find any information about writers, it showed a list of other writing orders from other website. Yes, other service orders. I don’t know how it ended up there, but this absolutely made me suspicious.

The Essay Champions 24/7 live chat answered my question about this list of orders. They said it was a bug and tried to assure me that they always do outstanding job in writing essays; therefore, I decided to try it as I only need a page of essay with no closing deadline.

I paid $17 for one page undergraduate essay in 20 days. Other undergraduate essay price ranges from $17 to $39 in 3 hours, while master essay starts from $23 in 20 days. The order form at is easy to use, but be careful because they tick the “top writer” box which adds another 30% fee to your order.

The website contains several customer feedbacks. Samples are also posted on the site. However, after discovering the list of orders, I really suggest you to pay attention to any review on EssayChampions online, including mine below.


So, my long-awaited essay was delivered. The quality was alright, but there were lots of obvious mistakes, such as sentences out of topic and wrong terms. While there were only a few grammatical mistakes, these obvious mistakes were fatal even it was only a page. Finally, I asked for revision until I approved the essay.

Speed offers on-time delivery. Twenty days is more than enough for 1 page.


Not the best experience that I had. It took 3 days for the writer to answer my revision request – imagine if you had a tight deadline.

So, will I consider EssayChampions scam? Well, they could be. They did provide below average service even though the price was average.

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