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One of the major reasons why students usually need writing services is because they are not good at writing. Instead of wasting time to arrange a high quality essay, they prefer to use writing services available. Finding the right writing service to get A+ grade is not an easy feat in fact, many of them are actually scam.

To help you avoid scam

To help you avoid scam, let me give you a review on, a writing service that has been operating for years. You should also search for other EssayJedi reviews online. I requested 10 page essay with simple topic in 3 days this should be a piece of cake as they claims to have “Jedi” writers.

The website is very simple. They provide several feedbacks in their site. However, EssayJedi does not give good first impression some writers have average score feedbacks even more, you can read lots of disappointed customer reviews there.

The pricing is actually kind of interesting. Instead of offering $20 per page pricing as other services do, only offers $7.5 per page. A quick look at the order form, you will find bidding system for your project. You choose your own writer, and only pay for what is written. The risky thing is they can cancel your order in the middle of project. Though you don’t need to pay, just imagine if your project is cancelled near deadline.

EssayJedi has a great number of writers claimed to have been evaluated before bidding in any project. However, you will not find any criteria used to evaluate the writers, even the degree or background knowledge of the writers.

The customer support is quite friendly though not very informative. Moreover, it seems that EssayJedi’s customer support is not 24 hours live. When they are not around, you can send a short message to them and wait for their reply.


On the third day, I received my requested essay. Honestly, I do not think the quality is good even below average with grammatical error in some places. What’s more, Essay Jedi does not provide any guarantee of free plagiarism. In other word, is EssayJedi scam? Most likely as they offer plagiarism free software with additional fee.

Speed delivered the essay on time, though; different writers may have missed deadline. You can see on the writers’ reviews that many of them have missed the deadline and just cancelled the order. If you want to use EssayJedi writing service, you better pick out the best writer with perfect ratings.


Communication was a bit slow. In term of urgency, the writer really took his time to reply messages. Another suggestion for you provides very clear instructions that the writer has no room for question or doubt.

Is EssayJedi legit then? It is if you are really willing to take risk of getting a below standard essay with cheap prices.

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