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The Review of Tutoring Platform

In the world that we live in today, students have been indiscreetly bogged down by the immense amount of homework and assignments. The assignments given are usually inconsistent with the level set during classroom teaching. They are much more complex in terms of difficulty. In such a scenario seeking third-party help becomes tantamount to scoring high on your exams. This particular conundrum led me to try out the website providing online tutoring services –

Initial Impressions

I’ll start my review of with a rundown of its visual component. The first look of the website left me amazed at what it had to offer, you could ask for anything and they would call you up in the shortest time frame to assist you with your problem. I needed help with my history assignment as I was required to write a paper on the “Civil War and the Kind of Attrition That It Brought Forth on the Nation.”

MySuperGeek service seemed to offer a few things:

  • High Standards Regarding Quality;
  • Qualified Geeks That Help;
  • Fast Deliveries On Virtual and Physical Items.


Since it was my first time using website, I started off by contacting customer support to help me wade through my request at the earliest. They were very professional and apt in their reply times, providing me with the most appropriate of deadlines, within which the assignment would be completed. I was given a call by my would be tutor who would help me finish off my 2-page assignment at very affordable rates.

Tutor's Qualifications

Michael (my tutor from MySuperGeek) is an MA in history, a very friendly guy. We had a great chat on the phone on the Civil War, he was very thorough with the report he prepared. He made sure I knew the report well so as to answer any questions associated with it. His command over the topic was evident in the way he broke it down for me, something that my teacher could never do!

Concluding Thoughts

In the beginning, I had some reservations towards online tutoring. But having gone through the amazing reviews provided by the users, all my doubts were soon dispelled. review

Like this one, by Brian Lawson, in which he appreciated the timely help delivered by My Super Geek website. The final report that I had in my hand resembled a work of art, done by a master of the subject. That report fetched me a top grade, with much appreciation from my teacher! I believe the people behind are doing a tremendous job in helping students like us create some time for ourselves, away from the monotony of perpetual and rigorous assignment regimen.

MySuperGeek review

In this review I must thank them for helping me wade through this most mundane of a task and look forward to hiring MySuperGeek again!

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