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The review of essay writing service

If you are reading this it means you are trying to find someone to write your paper. After reading all the creepy information on the Internet you are probably already thinking “Do I really need it?” Relax. Breathe deep. In this review on my experience with custom essay writing service PapersOwl, I will try to realistically explain to you why not everything you read about custom papers is true.

Myths about paper writing services

I’m going to be using an example of my recent essay. Firstly because it was that rare situation where I have nothing to complain about. And secondly because I ordered this essay on “Close-border migration” when I was already thinking to write a review so I paid special attention to all the details to be able to share with you guys later.

PapersOwl review

Myth #1: It’s expensive

It’s not. I paid for the paper for this review 30 bucks. That’s like a dinner at Ruby Tuesday. Now tell me this – would you go out for a dinner if you knew you had to write a paper? Exactly! Just like with every service you pay for someone to cater your needs, and you decide for yourself what is more important to you: your money or your free time. If I had to choose between getting another manicure or a day free of writing a paper, I’d definitely aim for the latter.

Myth #2: They all try to scam you

Why? Why do people always look for conspiracy theories? Good businessmen (and essay writing services is nothing more than a business) realize that the longer they can keep going and getting new clients, the more profit they will make. They are interested in you coming back again and bringing your friends.

For me the sign of a healthy business is customer care. I have to publicly admit in this review of that they can be studied as an example of good service: timely, accurate and flexible. Thank you, Annette (or what was her name anyway ;))

Myth #3: They all hire third-world writers

Yes. And no. Come on people, it’s a market economy – if you are applicable to do the job and ask twice as low rate, why should the employer turn you down? The same happens here. You can’t prevent people with good education and language skills to apply simply because if their nationality and it’s up to the customers to decide who to hire: a PhD with an overpriced rate for a simple research paper, or a talented Asian who has graduated from American college and is willing to write your paper for less?

PapersOwl review

From myths to Gods. Gods of custom essays.

I think the best asset Papers Owl writing service has are their authors. They are super amazing. I don’t care if they are Japanese or Brazilian (but sadly my writers were all Americans, I enjoy diversity), they know how to create impeccable papers: gripping introduction, concise and to the point main body, sharp conclusion – oh, I wish they had writing courses available! I know why the administration hides the writers’ identities so recklessly behind the nicknames – because competitor websites never sleep and their lurking technics to head hunt best writers are sophisticated!

Most of the reviews focus on the PapersOwl plagiarism or of course (no one can live without a good fiction) scam, but my review on PapersOwl is all about the people that work there: the bright and passionate writers, witty and quick customer representatives – I love you all, people! And wish you could meet them one day.

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