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The review of essay writing service

Yes, I buy papers online. I’m that risky selfish student who prefers to let others make money for what they know how to do than suffer over something that makes me wanna throw up. I’m sorry, but I’m simply not made for some subjects. Like for a paper on “History of spices”, for example. Even if I love oriental studies. That’s why I’m not fastidious about ordering a essay every time I feel like the process of drafting this or that paper won’t bring me joy.

SameDayPapers review

An Essay from is Like a Short Vacation for a Student.

I hope that from my introduction you didn’t dismiss my review of SameDayPapers because I’m a lazy loser. No, I take my time to choose the right service and supervise the writer like the most severe coach! My criteria for the academic writing service are the following:

1. Objective reviews from other clients on third party sites.

Rule #1: don’t pay attention to black PR reviews from competitors. What matters is reading about real students, their real works and genuine personal impressions. Genuine for me means unique and explained in detail. Simply repeating: “Don’t go there, it’s all scam” just doesn’t sound argumentative, don’t you agree with me?

Extensive information about the conditions and services offered.

Rule #2: don’t buy juicy slogans. I always want to read the fine print and go in details through all the terms and conditions of using the service.

SameDayPapers review

Live person behind the nickname

It happened to me twice that I placed an order but ended up not buying a paper with the website. Simply because the customer support sent me pre-written automatic answers or even wrote: “We aren’t available at the moment, please leave your email and we will write back to you”. Seriously? What if you won’t be available an hour before my deadline, what am I to do then?

So by the trial and error method I found a service that satisfied all of the above mentioned requirements. That’s why I am writing this review – to explain to other students how to distinguish authentic professionals from Indian freaks and share some insights with you.

SameDayPapers review

When the Boring Client Meets the Perfectionist Writer.

I have to be honest with you – I had my bad papers written by the writers who didn’t know when to use a coma and when to use a semicolon. I also had a paper written by the so-called writer who had to googling what APA is because I wrote it not in capital letters in chat. So all in all, I know what a good paper is when I see one. When I was still in doubts and was looking for an answer to my natural question “Is SameDayPapers legit?” the first thing I stumbled upon was customer support chat. The girl was very friendly; she even helped me come up with a more defined title for my paper, saying that this will help me attract writers with specific background and skills.

I was a very difficult client, I always am, – I like to talk and discuss my paper in detail, to challenge the writer a little using my teacher’s words – and they took all my teasing with grace, chapeau bas! And the result? 100% plagiarism free paper. Which my teacher liked – and this is the best recommendation for this service!

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